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Over the next 5 minutes or so, I'm going to walk you through a series of clarifying questions that will help customize our compliance package to make sure it fits your business perfectly.

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Quick clarifying question: does retail arbitrage or online arbitrage make up a significant portion of your business? *

In our experience, the only way to sustainably and accurately do bookkeeping for arbitrage sellers is if you, the owner, are willing to dedicate specific credit cards or checking accounts just for inventory purchases and making sure those purchases don't get mixed in with other business transactions.

Is this a procedure you would be willing to implement if we started working together? *

I'm really sorry to hear that. :( I'm afraid that we probably will not be a good fit for your business then. I would recommend closing this form out.

Fantastic! We really appreciate your willingness to work with us!

I'm curious, are you confident that all of your bookkeeping records are solid as of the end of last month? *

Since you're not all caught up, how many months into the past would you like us to go to catch up your books? *

Pro Tip: Most folks generally choose either the beginning of a certain year or the beginning of their business.

Bear in mind also that we charge $120 for each "catch up" month.

Don't worry, though. You will not need to pay for every past month today.

Our standard procedure is to collect a 50% deposit today and then the other 50% once all work has been finalized and delivered to you.

*whole numbers only
Perfect! You're really on top of things! *fist bump*

Do you fulfill 95% or more of your orders via FBA? *

Good to know! You should be perfect for our system! Only a couple more questions.

Hmmm... this can sometimes get a little tricky for our system.

Just to be upfront with you: Our system is most closely integrated with FBA.

We can and do work with customers that fulfill inventory internally or use 3PL companies besides Amazon; HOWEVER, this will often require some manual work on your part to get fully integrated with our system.

If that's not a deal breaker, then let's keep moving forward and knock out the last few questions.

Do you sell on MORE than 5 marketplaces (e.g. Amazon US; Amazon CA; Ebay; Shopify; etc.)? *

While our standard Compliance package for your size of business only includes 5 marketplaces, we can certainly still help you.

You can purchase additional marketplaces to include in your package at $20/month per marketplace.

How many additional marketplaces BEYOND the standard 5 would we need to take care of for you?

Do you have more than 5 financial accounts (e.g. checking accounts, credit cards, paypal accounts, etc.)? *

Our standard Compliance package for your size of business includes 5 financial accounts.

You can add additional accounts to include in your package at $15/month per account.

How many additional financial accounts BEYOND the standard 5 would we need to take care of for you? *

Last request here... please verify that you sell between $20,000 and $100,000 of products in a typical month OUTSIDE of Q4: *

If more or less, please close this form and see our other pricing plans.
If more or less, please close this form and see our other pricing plans.
Before I can give you a final price, were you ever given a referral code by someone you know? *

It's great to know people! What code were you given? *

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